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IFAF names World Roster for U19 game vs. USA

January 17, 2011

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) has selected the first 40 players for the 19-and-under World Team roster which will play the Under 19 National Team of the USA at the Austin Westlake Stadium in Austin, Texas, on February 2nd 2011. In the upcoming weeks, five more players will be named to complete the 45-man roster.

The players chosen to represent the world come from four continents and will be coached by Greg Marshall from Canada, along with assistants from eight countries. Canada also had the most players selected with 22, followed by Austria (5), American Samoa and Germany (3 each), Finland, Japan and Sweden (2 each) and Mexico (1). 9 practices will be held in Austin to put the international team in synch.

Coach Marshall, also head coach of the University of Western Ontario Mustangs, said: “We believe we will be competitive and will give players from several countries an opportunity to showcase their talents and to show the American football community that there is a wealth of talent outside what people regard as the game’s traditional borders.” IFAF President Tommy Wiking shared Marshall’s view: “It is important that we expose younger players to this high level of intense practice and play as we continue to develop quality players internationally,” he said. “The World Team is part of a bigger picture that will increase the standard of the game outside of the United States.”

The Under-19 Team of the USA is coached by Darren Allman, also the head coach of Austin Westlake High School. The US roster is made up by players from 21 of the nation’s 50 states and so far, 42 of the 45 players have been announced.

The game is set to kickoff at 7:30 pm CT at Austin Westlake High School Stadium. Tickets are available for $8 and can be purchased at

To download the World Team roster, please visit

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